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FEZ Panda 2 some information


I would buy a ultimate kit but I have the following doubts :

  • can I use WPF component with FEZ panda 2 and FEZ touch ?
  • is there DPWS support on FEZ panda 2 ?



WPF and DPWS only work on larger devices like emx


Is it possible to create a simple web server that run on Fez Panda 2 ?


Yes, with the limitation of only 4 socket connections available.


So in conclusion, buying FEZ Ultimate Kit :

  • I have to create a UI library that renders controls on the FEZ Touch and I have to manage the touch event (ex. click event);
  • I can’t host web service (DPWS) on FEZ Panda 2 but I can connect to web service on the net;
  • regarding web server, can I generate a web page with some information (ex. temperature, light, …) that i read from sensors ?



Did you read the free book that comes with the kit? It answer all your questions clearly.


Excuse me but I haven’t found these information inside the free ebook.
Can you give me any tips ?



There are 2 books, one is specifically made for the Internet kit and has many projects.


I have seen the second book “Internet of Things” and I have understood that

  • WPF isn’t supported on FEZ Panda 2;
  • I have to implement the HTTP web server from scratch using TCP/IP socket;

Is it right or I have misuderstood something ?





No, that is wrong. We have HTTP libraries already built in.

Look at the “FEZ-HTTP” chapter.

If you look at the book, you see that most chapters host webpages right from FEZ Panda, take a second look at the book please.

Actually, you do NOT have to do anything from scratch as GHI provides you with almost everything you would need, hardware and software.


Sorry, my fault.

Here are some places to start looking at regarding an HTTP server:

Internet of Things Book:
Chapter 7 page 44 till 59

On your hard drive C:\Users<YourUserName>\Documents\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1\Samples\HttpServer

On TinyCLR code share:
Panda Based Web Server:


Thanks all !



And for UI there’s a free one available on and a commercial one ($12.99) called Sprial on