FEZ Object Inheritance

Do the FEZ Pin types (AnalogIn, AnalogOut, Digital, PWM) inherit from a common base? If not, why not?

I was working on a DLL of common things I will use, but it was dependent on either the FEZ_Mini or FEZ_PandaII DLLs so I couldn’t use the one DLL on both types of devices. I am looking at things like XBee interfaces, Serial LEDs, and also including some of the code in the FEZ_Components partial class.

Any input on better ways to make common objects that will work on multiple FEZ types would be appreciated.

All smaller FEZ boards use USBizi so you can use that DLL instead. You would have to look at schematics/manuals to see what “FEZ pin” is connected to what actual IO on the chipset.

All USBizi IOs are labeled, IO0, IO1, IO3…etc. One of those maps to Di4 on FEZ Panda for example. This is done for simplifying labeling and compatibility with arduino but professionals are expected to understand the underlying USBizi and work with it directly.

Thanks, that was the piece of information I was missing.