FEZ "next", 2 free boards!

This Sunday seem to be a quiet. I guess everyone is busy making piezos for the contest, right? http://www.tinyclr.com/contest/

Let me get you sidetracked for a minute and let us have some fun!

Once again, what is the name of the next FEZ and get a free one. Also, guess the processor used and get another free board!

Hints? It complements what GHI offers now (Panda II, Domino, Cobra, Spider, Hydra) and its name is somewhat derived from GHI’s latest addition.

Good luck

FEZ Serpent? based on the same ARM9 processor as the Hydra? How else could we get such a great price on the Hydra? :wink:

FEZ Hercules
FEZ Heracles

let me guess,
Hydra II,
Spider II

More hints, like I said it complements what we offer. And it is a new name, no II.


Already into Monday here Gus !

Fez Viper. One that has come up before but I reckon now it gets its time to shine.

how about:

Fez Dino
Fez Zilla
Fez Gorilla
Fez Snake
Fez Duino
Fez Gus :smiley:
Fez Piranha
Fez Tiger
Fez Lion
Fez Panther
Fez Aqua
Fez Cathedra
Fez Clepsydra
Fez Decahedra
Fez Dichondra
Fez Dodecahedra
Fez Ephedra
Fez Exedra
Fez Hexahedra
Fez Icosahedra
Fez Mudra
Fez Octahedra
Fez Pachysandra
Fez Panjandra
Fez Pentahedra
Fez Philodendra
Fez Polyhedra
Fez Rhombohedra
Fez Scolopendra
Fez Tetrahedra
Fez Trapezohedra
Fez Trihedra
Fez Trisoctahedra
Fez Tundra

i guess if Eric doesn’t Hit it, then it is a mystery for sure :smiley:

If it’s Gadgeteer, I like Chimera.

Or maybe Chameleon.

edit: Or Dragon!

FEZ Octopus
FEZ Apollo
FEZ Athena
FEZ Zodiac
FEZ Lynx

How about “Crab” with the STM32



@ Mike


FEZ Squid
FEZ Grizzly
FEZ Kiwi
FEZ Python
FEZ Komodo

FEZ Medusa :wink:
FEZ Centaur
FEZ Minotaur
FEZ Titan
All above according to the Greek mythology.

FEZ Behemoth (sounds like a 500MHz board)
FEZ Kraken (waterproof :P)
FEZ Centipede
FEZ Tiger

Or maybe now something small?
FEZ Bee?
FEZ Hornet?

It’s hard for me to imagine what name could complement the name of three animals, one creature and some playing stones ;). Most of us are thinking about some animals - but maybe it will go in another direction.

I suppose ARM9 but it’s just a lucky shot (well… like all the names I have mentioned).

FEZ Wasp
FEZ Yellow Jacket

I don’t think I’ve quite recovered from the last naming contest. Gus, how could you do this again so soon… :wink:

This is not a naming contest. :smiley:

This is an exercise in thinking like Gus, and guessing the name of the next board. ???

Yea, and thinking like Gus just makes me tired!