FEZ. NET Micro Framework UI

I’ve searched but not found. Is there an additional skin for the FEZ. NET Micro Framework is available or planned by GHI.
I mean something like the Lego Mindstorms NXT is applied.
For the purposes of the FEZ board as a central processor Robot seems to me that a useful addition.

You mean like the Rhino OEM kit : [url]http://www.tinyclr.com/hardware/14/fez-rhino/[/url]?


I am not sure what do you mean? Are you talking about software UI?

Are you talking about the labview gui that nxt uses out of the box.So you can drag and drop what you want it to do with just setting parameters and ordering events?

Would think the easiest way (and probably most productive) is old school ascii menu and a REPL loop (anyone remember Norton Tools back in the day when Peter still owned it? And befoe Norton AV junk :-)) Or something like AIX’s Admin Util (better then the graphics). I have example of this and will post soon as a console sample.

Given the response this issue alive.
With my question, I mean a software UI.
LabVIEW is a development environment and therefore we Visial Studio with C # using.
William’s suggestion is good in the direction I’m curious about the result. Lego NXT used to the UI an LCD screen and three buttons.
I found myself Pyxis http://www.skewworks.com/products/Pyxis 202%
Of this I am doubtful that it can work in a FEZ Panda.

Ahh you mean the on controller part.

I guess you can do that multiple ways now. Appdomains button to scroll through apps.or programming multiple things and making a choice on the lcd for which part of the program it runs.

Did this for my tabletop robot myself to choose between phase 1,2 or 3. For it to be really useful and not a memory hog you would have to have it load the programs off a sd or something like that.

As for ghi making a standard one i guess that would be fine not sure why though.

Combining LabView and NETMF/c#?. Or are you saying you want something like a LabView UI that works with c# like a 4GL? MS has made various attempts at Visual Programming Language VPL kind of thing with BizTalk and WWF and MS Robotics Studio. It turns out the “easy” factor starts to become hard after so much graphic goo. It gets in the way and starts to crush under its own weight. You quickly get lost in navigation and drill down. Something like a three state Switch statement is so easy to do in code, but becomes gymnastics in something like LabView. You also start to battle strange side effects of the line connectors starting to hook all over the place like a web of confusion and they don’t always do what you think and have their own steep learning curve. Your mileage may vary. But IMHO, I think going to code ends up actually easier and more straight forward after you get past samples and non-trivial app. I tried using MSRS a couple times. Even as a past C# mvp, I could not make forward progress. NETMF and Fez just work and get you started.

William, LabVIEW is a development tool and I do not mean. To develop a program for the Lego NXT can also use LabView. On the Lego NXT’ve got nothing to do with LabView.
I’m looking for a simple tool that lets multiple programs on the SD card to place and could be selected, a copy of this program in the processor memory to place and then start the program.
If the program stops then the shell back into action.


Take a look into the Reflection namespace.

These could be a good starting point for you:

They are for winforms, but the code that does the loading and interfacing is relevant.

@ hinnie,

I make Pyxis 2, it’s not directly aimed at Panda but it could be modifed. If you let me know your needs i’d be happy to look into ordering a panda and making a port for you.

@ skwworks. On your AppDomain fezzer sample. I get an NotImplemented exception on the Loadxx() on my Domino and run into dead end. Could some of that appdomain stuff only be implemented on Cobra? Or keep looking? tia

@ William, wow I’m really sorry about that. I took that code straight out of Pyxis and modified it to work externally but it seems I missed a line. :-[

m[i].Invoke(asm, new object[] { AppKey, APIRef, parameters });


Should be (and is now on Fezzer)

m[i].Invoke(asm, new object[] { parameters });

Also when you create your module make sure your sub Main is as so:

public static void Main(string[] parameters)

Or modify the call line to fit whatever standard you want to use.

@ Skewworks,

I have a Panda Tinkerer Kit ordered and wants to use as a central processor for a robot.
Because of moderate NETMF performance of time-critical processes, would I need an additional application processor with C programming. This software control of motors and sensors is pretty stable. The application is then written in C #.

Depends on exactly how closely you need to time things and whether or not you can use interrupts for your purposes. GHI could tell you better if you need a secondary chip to control your peripherals.

As for simply loading additional apps I posted a modified version of the Pyxis uses to do that on Fezzer.