FEZ mini vs FEZ Domino

Hey Guys,

I wrote dome code for the Domino that simply reads voltages coming into the analogue pin An1.
I now want the same simple code to work with the FEZ mini. The problem I have encountered is that the deployment always crashes, and hangs until I quit deployment:

Device not found or cannot be opened - USB:USBizi========== Deploy: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped ==========

However it does in fact seem to deploy to the FEZ mini. Anyone come across this problem?


Are you going into Project->Properties and changing how the project is deployed (last tab). You’ll need to set that to the Mini. Also you will need to change your FEZ domino reference to FEZ Mini.

Di you update the firmware and you SDK to 4.1?

Why not do it the easy way! Make new project that blinks an LED (maybe use the new templates) and try that.

I did change the references, but still can’t see what you mean to change the way the project is deployed? there is nothing “mini” to see.

Gus, nope not changed the firmware. That’s the first step - darn it.

Hmm cant seem to get it to be recognised in Tera-term… ah the joy :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a version of the previous firmware available? So I don’t have to use VS 2010 for now?

Project - your project name Properties…

you will see the attachement. It should display your board instead of a domino.

We no longer support anything but VS2010 and NETMF4.1. Doing otherwise will give YOU and us a lot of extra unneeded work.

Please upgrade and let us know if you have problems

Hey, So the Mini is running the right firmware and the properties shows USBizi_USBizi as the device.

Foekie, Domino, mini, rhino, panda are all based on USBizi chipset.

It is?