FEZ Mini Robot - I2C on JST3AA connectors

Hello all,

I just started working with the FEZ Mini Robot this weekend. This is a fantastic platform! If you don’t have one get one! Get two!

I’m looking at connecting this: Real Time Clock Module and have 2 questions:

Has anyone created a cable to connect I2C devices to the JST3AA connectors?

Do I need external pull-up resistors?


The pins are marked on the robot kit, SCL/SDA. Click to enlarge the image here http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/cat_fez_mini/fez_mini_robot/

To connect your RTC circuit, you only need one cable like this one http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/cat_cable_connector/jst3aa_3wire_cable/

Cut that cable half and you will have 2 ends with JST cables. Now solder the the ends on your RTC board and you will be in business.

Any reason why you need RTC on the robot or this is just an experiment?

By the way, I was checking our code share and found this for you :wink:

Okay. Kind of the way I thought it should work with the cable.
I was able to test this clock on an arduino and a netduino, and I thought it would be cool for the robot to be able to tell time. I don’t know what i’ll use it for yet. If we create a docking station for the robot, it could wake up at a certain time and chase the cats or something ;).

In my version of the .NET code for this, i added the ability to use the little extra user RAM on the 1307. It’s not much, but it’s fun to be able to access it anyway.

I do need RTC in another project. I’ll probably use a Panda for that one though.

Thanks much!