FEZ Mini in a hand held enclosure

Just wanted to share what I was working on this weekend. I found a small enclosure that fits the FEZ mini + my other components (GPS, uOLED screen and 5 button key pad). Enclosure was a free sample from pactec enclosures.

Another picture…

Very professional finished prototype. It is worth at least 500 points…and another 500 if you make a video :slight_smile:

Congratulations on becoming a FEZ Senior :slight_smile:

Very nice job cramming that all in there! What are you going to use it for?

Nice job! What will it be used for?

I guess what it is used for is a big secret.

You are correct. The exact intended use can not be disclosed at this point. There’s a lot more to this project than what you see in the pics… Project will be shared once paperwork is in order. Stay tuned!!

What I can tell you is it’s a GPS location based application. I have developed a fairly elaborate menu based system with multiple screens and full screen color graphics. (Not just rectangles and circles)

Once the “code share” feature is up and running I’ll post my driver class for the display.

And yes it all runs off the FEZ mini!!!

I think I know, but I’m not telling. :smiley: If I’m right, I might be doing the same thing for my project soon.

GPS location game?

I like this a lot!

Can you point me at the product on pactec enclosures website? I can’t pick it out.



I used the PPLX-9VB_2AA. Key pad sit on top of the battery compartment.
Needed the extra 0.2" height to make FEZ mini fit using standard break away female headers.

Cheers guys!!