Fez Mini Headers


Are the micro sd expansion and uext headers soldered on when shipped? Also what about the sd expansion? The reason for asking is the brochure on the catalog page says soldering required while the images show them off. The right angle insertion of the sd expansion seems to be an issue in our design.


They were not soldered when they first released but many customers asked for them soldered so we now have them soldered before they ship.

Of course you can order these in volume with no header if you need.

Thanks, so the sd expansion forms a right angle with the board? What kind of micro sd expansion module is that? I’ve seen one on sparkfun which is SPI based. I assume that it will connect to MISO/MOSI/CLK on uext. If I go that route can the expansion headers be used for anything else? Sorry, but I’m not too fluent with hw.

Would 25-50 qualify to be in “volume”?

Would it be possible for the sd expansion headers to be right angled instead of straight.

It has to be right angle to fit on the robot kit. For low volume, why not bend the pins or use cable/header to remount the SD board anyway you like?

What kind of connector is used for the sd expansion module? Is it SPI?
Are the headers male or female?
Can I connect another sd module to that header?

Not SPI and you can only have one.

What exactly are you trying to do?

We’re trying to move our product from the panda ii to the mini platform. Goal being a very small form factor and hence the issue with the module sticking up. If I connect a cable the bend radius will still increase the height above the boards original height. Besides now I would need to mount the sd module somewhere.

What I was hoping to achieve was to use right angled male headers (preferably on the bottom side) and then connect the sd module with right angle female headers. That would increase the length but not the height. Alternatively if I could mount the sd module like a daughter board over the chip it would result in a cleaner design.

I understand now. I remember that I bent the pins before so the SD was flat with the Mini but I do not remember how secure was it after it was bent.

manvas… why dont you unsolder the header pins (the one’s that you need to for you app., or ALL the PINs) and replace them with wires… it could “Slim” line your FEZmini alot. :wink:

Either that or the cable/header is what I am going to try. Desoldering on 25-50 units will be a waste of productive time. Definitely need the sd card slot for the project, just need to position it better. We’re looking at a Hammond enclosure and it would be odd to have the USB cutout on one end of the panel and microsd slot sticking on the top of the case. Besides it would have been better if the sd module had mounting holes.

If you do unsolder the header pin(sd or All) you can get those “pentium1” or other heat sinks for cheap price; machine them as a passive heat sink for the processor and as a holder for the SD module. (for a combo passive heatsink)… I think that will make your project look nice and pro., but that my opinion. You can always use plastic… happy programming.