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FEZ Mini - Error


Hi to everyone.

I am new at FEZ (had it yesterday). Today, I want to write a program making LED blinking. I have no problem at source code. But, deployment has a problem. It says:

[italic]“An error has occurred: please check your hardware”[/italic]

I tried many ways and searched internet to fix this issue. Still, I can not solve. Used softwares:
VS 2010
Microsoft NETMF 4.1 SDK



Are you using a windows version that is not english ?


Your firmware may be out of date. If you just downloaded GHI NETMF recently it will be version … Your mini may have so you need to check it here

Cheers Ian


Thanks for your care.

@ Rajesh: I am using non-English Wnidows version. My friend is using English one. I tried both of those. Result, fail.

@ IanR: My mini has 4.1.2821.0 version.

I tried to fix this problem. When I add reference FEZMini_GHIElectronics.NETMF.FEZ (Version, runtime v4.0.30319), I see this error.


you might be looking at the wrong information. You need to watch the videos on upgrading your Fez Firmware that Ian pointed to and make sure the GHI SDK readme version info matches the device capabilities reported version, is the latest that has only recently been released. It’s critical that they match. Come back and tell us once you’ve confirmed they do match (or updated the device so that they do).


Do you mean it works before you add GHI assemblies and doesn’t work after you add the GHi assembly?
If so, see this


Your answers helped me lot.
I updated firmware FEZ Mini and after that, deployed default led blinking program. It is successful. Thank you.