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FEZ Mini - Control Servo directly via PWM port


Hi all,
is there any reason why I would not be able to control a servo directly from my FEZ mini board without the use of a breakoutboard etc. I will supply external voltage to the servo, but I want to connect the servo signal line directly to a PWM pin on my FEZ Mini.

I am building a weight critical project and I don’t want additional interface boards where they are not required.


You can control servos with your mini, no problem.
You can supply voltage and use a PWM pin to control the servo.

This is all explained in the free ebook

You can learn more about PWM and servos starting at page 57.
If you have any questions left, please let us know :wink:


I have a servo driver you can use, too.

Those drivers are geared toward an RC car, but you can easily just pull the servo drive out and use it as standalone.


I get the coding part. My question is more about the circuit wiring.

Are the digital outputs on the FEZ mini open collector?

I.E. Do I need a pull up or pull down resistor or are these supplied internal to FEZ Mini? I don’t want to make use of any shealds, and will be making my own Interface board for use in my project.

What value should an ideal pull up/don resistor be?



Yes there are built in pull up/down but why do you need that for PWM?!


You do not need any resistors.
Please visit the servo project page I have created for more info regarding to servo usage.

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