Fez Mini and Fez Music Shield

Hey Guys. Im looking for some advice. I am planning a project to “upgrade” a teddy for my daughter.
I want to hook up an RFID reader, Fez music shield and a Fez Mini to build a bear that can react to its environment. i.e make noises and say things when its put into contact with items (tea pots, seats etc)
The question is would the mini be a good choice because of size or should i just go with a panda II?
Anyone got any experience doing this?
Much appreciated for the advice in advance?

Given that the Music Shield is basically the same size as a Panda-II, you aren’t really saving much space by using a mini unless your plan was to remove the headers from the shield. I guess it really depends on how big your bear is and how much room you have to work with. Panda-II is certainly the easier solution and would only take up the thickness of the PCB in additional space assuming you’re leaving the shield in-tact. You also get all that extra IO for sensors, etc. later on.

Depends on the size of the teddy ;D. Music shield is just plug-and-play on panda. On mini you will need to do some wiring. If small size is important I would go with mini and gadgeteer music module:


Thinking about it the panda II with the shield makes it more simplified and gives an SD card storage for the wav files but the mini with the gadgeteer music module saves a lot of space.
Do you think its possible to also wire up the gadgeteer SD module to the mini too or is that a bit of a strech for the mini? especially with an RFID reader?

Which RFID reader are you planning on using?

not sure yet any recommendations ?

Hmm. The only reader I had worked with is too big for a toy. I think any that Adafruit or Sparkfun sells will work. Choose the cheapest one with good reviews.

Cool, i will have a look around and see what looks good. If anyone ele has any suggestions for RFID readers im al ears :slight_smile:

This will be a great project. I would love to see some videos when you are done. ;D

@ HughB, you can try these RFID Readers from Parallax, Parallax sells good quality components, just write the code for your .NETMF device.

this one is Serial

theres also a USB version.

FEZmini is smaller; just depends on your design.

I also wanted to make a bear toy, but I got sidetracked by online classes, now I’m trying to catch-up. ???

@ Alex many thanks for the recomendation :slight_smile:

I am hoping to start on this in a few weeks (other stuff taking priority ) i will post progress and vids once its underway. Im thinking about stage 2 and adding some servos and a basic armature to move the arms and stuff but i need to learn to walk before i run :smiley: