FEZ Medusa Teaser

Good luck with the Faire tomorrow! Take a lot of pictures and video update for gameo KS. :wink:


Also, since we’re in the middle of planning our Faire coming up in Sept I’d be interested in a full review of what worked really well at the Faire as well as what you would have done differently. This is our first Faire and we need as many tips as we can gather up.

So now, I have to guess that the Medusa S12 might have a Cortex M3/4 processor, this is getting exciting.

Good luck with the fair, I am looking forward to the flow of information! Bring on the pics…

If you can’t wait…

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2 weeks waiting on this teaser.
Why all the secrecy?
anything you can share?

Sorry we hita little obstacle. Few more days.