FEZ Medusa Teaser

Maker Faire Visitor’s tomorrow will be hooked on FEZ Medusa. For those who are too far, we would like to share this teaser with you :slight_smile:

We all have had projects where we needed something very simple, like to control an LED strip or a Halloween costume. We then thought, maybe an $80 mainboard is too much for this simple project. We then turned to lower cost alternatives, like an Arduino board. And if you are like me, you are in love with the Gadgeteer sockets and plug-n-play platform, so you then struggled with the wires…with finding resources, then finding code examples. There are plenty of examples for Arduino, sometimes too many to get the job done!

What if there is a “Gadgeteer” way? What if you can use the same modules that you already own now, but on a $10 mainboard?! After all, all you need are a very few sockets, maybe just one!

Of course you wouldn’t want to lose the “software drivers are right there”, which Gadgeteer users already enjoy. The software is there, no googling, no searching!

The answer to all of the above is FEZ Medusa. She is useful, she is helpful, she is cheap (economical), and she is irresistibly sexy.



@ Gary - Excellent, would it be fair to sum it up as essentially an Arduino with Gadgeteer Sockets and GHI software providing native drivers for existing GHI .NETMF modules?

And the shield, that provided Gadgeteer sockets for existing Arduino boards, this would be very good news.

I wish I could be there!!!

It’s a teaser we can’t give away all the details! :slight_smile:

Are these OSHW boards?

** just noticed the logo on the Mini board on the bottom right corner.

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Teasing those of us that cannot make it to the fair is called torture, which is generally frowned upon :slight_smile:

@ taylorza - Just think how much fun it will be for you finding out the “goods” after a week or two of anticipation and wonderment!

Video contains content from Vevo and was not playable.

Is this NETMF?

@ taylorza - don’t we all :slight_smile:

There are sadists and masochists. Gus loves playing this game.

Guess which one he is… :slight_smile:

What does this make us? :slight_smile:

@ MikeCormier - The chip on the board we can see is an ATMEGA328, which is an 8-bit AVR so no .NETMF. But I think this has outstanding potential, I can’t wait to hear the feedback after the guys get to see this tomorrow.

The doctor says I was getting better until I found GHI :slight_smile:

I like the clarification of cheap. I did not notice it before, I was probably distracted by that first picture… :slight_smile:

hmm… don’t see any pinouts on the mini in the picture (not the shield). how does one communicate with this tiny wonder?

It is on the other side.

The Medusa is labeled as a “shield”, so I don’t think it is a mainboard. Maybe it attaches to a $10 Arduino giving you a $10 Gadgeteer mainboard? I think something is being kept secret.

@ Mike - There are 3 different medusas there. Only one is a shield.

@ Architect - Ah! Didn’t notice that. I think I reached my multitasking limit. :slight_smile:

I have to say it has been one of my favorite images to work with! :slight_smile:

We have a couple of demos using these mainboards that will be at the faire, you might be surprised at which ones!