FEZ Lemur

And the FEZ Lemur was born today. It is tiny but dangerous, use with caution!

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I have seen that little fellow in the mirror as I turn in after too many hours in front of the compiler, and too many mg caffeine onboard, (and too many days without shaving).


Ok - I know I can be slow at times, but searching for Lemur and browsing the catalog does not turn up anything… what is it and where is it?

@ mcalsyn

That was teasing Gus style ! It may take a loooong time to see one or as Gary would say, you’ll get to see it soon. :smiley:

@ mcalsyn - I see it right here. I do not know what @ Rajesh is taking about :stuck_out_tongue:

Aha! I was just looking in the wrong place … or the wrong time.

Is this Gary’s netted project?

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That is the whole new level of teasing. :frowning: