FEZ is showing off at Mouser

This is a beautiful board, thanks Mouser. I should buy me one, or a few since it is very low-cost :nerd_face: Sorry couldn’t resist!


September 12, 2018 - Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is the ……

Funny, on your post it is mentioned 9, Dec 2018,


Someone used the Fez to build a time machine???


Mouser is that creative. Actually it is easy, just run the clock backwards on FEZ to execute the past instead of the future.


put the crystal in backwards ! :joy:


I did increase the clock speed on the fez and notice thzt TinyCLR 2.0 will be available tomorrow :slight_smile:


overclocking for good not evil ! I like it ! Meanwhile, can someone overclock John and Dat and the team? If we send cool frosty beverages to the office, will that help?

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Oh these guys are on fire! They just did some amazing work on the graphics support. Even tiny devices like FEZ and BrainPad have built in graphics support now. What is even cooler, you can map graphics to any interface/display you like, SPI, I2C and more.

They keep saying they are done adding features to 1.0 but new things keep on coming. Still, we are planning on having it RTM before year end.


Mouser.it does not carry the thing. The delivery costs from US are higher than the price of the device…

Yes they do. 79 in stock just now.


Delivery worldwide with UPS or DHL is very reasonable from Mouser at $25. Far lower than Digikey’s $75 flat rate.

Buy some other parts at the same time to make up a decent order :wink:

That’s what I would do, but if the devices are in stock in Italy, 25$ is all but reasonable.

8102.21.90 @Gus_Issa :joy:

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