FEZ Hyrda connect and disconnect from PC all the time


I hope someone could help me. My Fez Hydra connect and disconnect all the time from my PC. When i powerd up, the board connects to the PC (the Windows-“ping”-Sound appears) and a second later the board lost the connection. This happens all the time. I seems that the board is restartig again and again.

It is not the PC or the cable, driver etc., because my second Hydra works perfectly with the same program and conected modules.

So here my Question: How could i stop the restart-process of my borad?? I makes no matter, if the firmware has to flashed in the board again.


Both are powerd via USB with the “USB Client DP Module”.

On the Hydra was oly the Power Module, 16 Char-LCD and a USB to Serial Module connected. I changed all Modules (have all modules several times)

Result: The board restarts again and again, the other one works without any problems.

Try just the power module on the “bad” hydra. And then try powered hub.

Same result… :frowning:

It’s possible to delete the flashed programm or the complete firmware, like if you try to reinstall the tinybootloader, when the firmware update failed??

I would try it. It is not going to make it worse than what it is now.

What you mean exactly with powerd hub??

I tried both modules on both Hydras (one of them is only USB), the dual one, was powerd only with USB, only external and both.

Same result; The damaged Hydra does not stop restart.

At. first I thougt, that i killed the board by debuging my program, but as i wrote before, the exactly same program works without any problem on the other one.

One thing was different, between the damaged board and the second hydra: I forgot to disconnect a 16-Relaiy-module, and the Debugger throw an error that he could not connect to the board. My code should do nothing with the relays, he should only write “Hello-Word” text on the display. In the project the module was mounted because i wanted to write a short program to controll the relay via serial-port and display the state on the LCD.

After the debugger throw the error i disconnected the board and rerun the programm. Then the FEZ chrashed. Then I tried it with my second one (without the relay-module connected) and all works fine. (Same code)

Could the Relay-Module killed the Hydra?? I thougt there are optical coupler to prevent a connection with the 12V supply for the relays and the board?

I mean to connect Hydra through a USB hub that has it’s own power supply.

Still restarting!

The board was attached to the hub, while the hub had a connection to my PC and without.

The reanimation “https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/125/loader-tinybooter-update-fez-hydra#1182” also failed.

Thanks for your help!

I think it is time to check with GHI about RMA.

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Or buy a new one…

The shipping costs from Austria are about 50$, so it would be nearly cheaper to buy a new one by my reseller in Czech. (.NET Micro Framework e-shop). In Addition both boards are older than 1,5 years…

Thanks for help!! Perfect community support!

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