FEZ Hydra unable to deploy with VS 2013

Hello, I hope somebody can help me with that !!!

I’m using a FEZ Hydra v1.2 with VS 2013 and some GHI products !

While trying to add a GHI Hub 5AP, deployement started to crash saying “Updating dispay…” “To continue debugging manually press Shift + Ctrl + F5” and it finishes by crashing with no possibility of deployement anymore !

My display TE35 stills white since this moment !

Message on VS are
"Error deploying. Continue anyway…“
and if I continue anyway, a TinyCLR Error
"Object referencies not defined with object instance”

I’m a french user so excuse me if there’s translation errors…

“FEZconfig” recognize the FEZhydra when plugging the USB but any actions return a disconnected status.
“Update loader” ask a COM PORT number that I don’t know !
“SAM-BA” doesn’t work too…

I’m lost !

Any clues for me…?