FEZ Hydra Touch 4.2

Now that I’ve got the FEZ Hydra firmware source code compiling and functioning, I’d like to get my touch panel working.

From reviewing Hydra’s schematics, it doesn’t look like GHI wired the touch panel up to the AT91’s touch panel controller completely – I assume they did this so they can allocate the ADC pins to other sockets on the board.

I don’t need any of the other ADC pins; would it make the most sense to splice together a cable with the proper pins from socket 13 and 14 with the touch panel’s cable?

I’m having a hard time figuring out if the AT91’s touch panel controller driver is enabled in the firmware or not – but Touchpanel_FEZ_Hydra_functions.cpp seems to be calling the driver, so I assume that functionality is wrapped up into the firmware already?

Or is GHI working on a software fix that won’t require board modifications? Is there any code available to try?

Touch on hydra works through analog inputs directly not using the built in touch controller.

Next release will include touch support so you can look at the codes and examples to learn of how it is done.

How far along is this release? What’s the timeframe? If you could explain how the touchscreen is supposed to work, I may be able to

Not to sound naggy, but I’ve got four Hydras and four T35 touchscreens – and one deadline that’s quickly approaching. I really need to get these working.

Shoukd be working on 4.1

The Tap event in Glide never fires. Is there a different way I’m supposed to access the touch panel?