FEZ Hydra Port 13 : A (analogue) and T (touch)

I need a help of community:
Background 1: FEZ Hydra Port 13 : A (analogue) and T (touch).
Background 2: according NET Gadgeteer Mainboard Builder’s Guide version 1.9.pdf:
pin3_AIN(interrupt capable) , pin4_AIN, pin5_AIN, pin6_GPIO

pin3_Unused, pin4_YU, pin5_XL, pin6_YD, pin7_XR

So, I would like to use Hydra Port 13 to sens non-gadgeteer touch screen from Mikroelektronika /TFT Proto Board with touch.

My question: should I use as FEZ Hydra port 13 as a T (touch)? -what is the exact way of working of YU, XL, YD, XR pins?
or I have to use the port 13 as an A (analogue) port and write a custom software to handle it?

Thanks for your help in advance,
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Remember to use the display using SPI bus not parallel bus as this display does not have TFT interface (v sync, hsync…etc.) It will work but will be much slower than using TFT interface which hydra supports. These displays are usually targeted for smaller micros that do not have TFT interface but hydra has a powerful professor that does.

For the touch, just connect the touch pins from hydra to X+ X- Y+ Y-