Fez Hydra performance test

Hi to all,
I develop on Fez Hydra board and I have some questions.
Is there a way to know the cpu usage by my application?
Is there a way to know if my application consume more system resources?

thanks to all.

No on CPU usage

Debug.GC(true) returns an int with the amount of free RAM

This reminds me…

Gus, about a year ago I suggested the idea of possibily adding some debug pads on the board that could be used to monitor CPU & memory usage. You seemed to have some ideas on how that might actually work and you were going to look into it. Did you make any progress? I’ll assume it didn’t work since none of the new boards have this feature :slight_smile:

And instead we gave you an awesome arm9 board that is open source so you can modify anyway you like :wink: we may still add something in future but this is very low priority for us.

I understand & agree. It’s at least encouraging that you haven’t proven that it won’t work.

Could you attach a JTAG/SWD debugger and monitor the thing? Depending on what was going on, and how it was implemented, there would always be 100% “CPU usage”. If there were NOP instructions being executed, I imagine you could see that from the debugger.

Thanks to all for replies.

I have another question…
If I would to miniaturize the Hydra with some other board (for examples GSM, GPS, and battery), where I go to do this? Is there a site that help me to do that?

Thanks to all

I assume that you want to take the Hydra and several modules and integrate them into a custom circuit board.

The Hydra board and all of the Gadgeteer modules are open source. The schematics and circuit board design files are all available at http://gadgeteer.codeplex.com/releases.

You can “cut and paste” from the design files to produce you own board.

The Cerb40 would be the easiest solution (in the future). GHI consulting is always an option as well.