Fez Hydra is not being detected by windows 7 any more

Hi, I have the hydra gadgeteer. I worked with it for a while and one day something happened. I decided to follow the next tutorial:

and applied method 2 (using the wire) and 3 but windows still don’t detect the board. When i connect it the my computer using USB, the red led is on constantly for a few seconds and then start to blink rapidly and the power red module is getting hot. What can I do about it?

  1. Is the power supply module an SP or DP? If DP, are you using an external power supply?
  2. Try switching to a different cable between the power module and the board.
  3. Do you have another power supply module you can try?
  4. By “hot” does it get so warm that you can no longer touch the component that is heating up?

@ bioengproject - did you leave the wire connected for more than the recommended 3 seconds?

I used USB Client DP Module and USB Client SP Module module with different cables.
The red led is blinking in the board and in the power module itself, any by getting hot, it gets real hot like a party in Ibiza. And still, windows won’t recognize the board. May I add that except the power module, nothing is connected to the board.

@ James - It is says 5 seconds :slight_smile: and this is what I counted

The blinking LED on the power module indicates that you have a short.

But the board is not connected to anything!

@ James - So it seems that RMA is the only solution?

@ bioengproject - Do both power modules blink?

If the board is under warranty, then yes. We will issue an RMA and determine the cause of the problem. Please contact us by email, or email me directly james.dudeck at ghielectronics.com

Thanks, I just did.