FEZ Hydra firmware update problem

I have a problem with FEZHydraMainboardUpdater.exe (GHI OSHW NETMF v4.2 SDK).
In the log file I got next message:
“-- Log –
Connecting to device… Fail.
Please wait for trying to reconnect…
Cannot see Hydra over serial port. Try to restart computer and reset Hydra
or visit GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software for manual update.”

When I check in Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device manager there is no new COM port only new USB device Atm6124.sys Atmel AT91XXXX Test Board.
I am stuck at this point and need a help to upgrade my FEZ Hydra to NETMF 4.2.

You must had some atmel board at some point and now windows is using the wrong driver. Remove and clean your driver then try to reinstall drivers. If you do not see COM port you can’t update.

Hi Gus.
I deinstalled AT91-ISP v1.12 (with SAM-BA) (I used it with AUG AMI dev kit) and Windows Xp detect USB device but I could not install driver for it.
Maybe I made mistake because I start FEZHydraMainboardUpdater.exe before I deinstalled AT91…and probably erased flash. Did I brick my Fez Hydra?

I am having a similar problem without having a previous driver. I’m running a Windows 7 VM on my Macbook Pro and haven’t had any problems in the past using Visual Studio 2010 for programming in .Net Micro but now i’m working on a senior project and attempting to use the FEZ Hydra board and need to update the firmware but it says “Failure to communicate with the Hydra via the serial port” and consistently fails to connect. It does show up in my Devices and Printers as “FEZ Hydra” at the bottom under unspecified but I’m not sure how to get it to be ran off of a COM port and be recognized. Is this likely an issue with VM or an issue with my board? I cannot erase the data on it at the moment via the SD card method b/c i don’t have the SD card module. If needed I can order it but I’d prefer not to if I don’t need to.

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I would try it on none VM machine. There has been several issues with VMs.

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@ Architect - Okay great. That at least gives me a hope for now. haha. I’ll try it on a computer here and see if it works any better.