FEZ Hydra Custom Firmware Build

I have started a wiki entry describing the process I followed to get a custom firmware up and running using GCC. To ensure that it is accurate I will actually be reproducing all the steps as I write it, so for now there is only a draft outline.

The one piece of value that the entry does provide at this stage is the all important scatter file. If you are interested you can get the file I am using from the following location on the wiki.


We can add you as a developer and you can then touch the code directly. Interested?

Thanks for all the efforts.

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@ taylorza - Good start!

That would be great, I would be very interested in being able to contribute in someway.

It is a pleasure! Thank you for making all of this available for us hobbyists.

I have committed the updated GCC scatter file to the GHI Codeplex repository. So the file on the wiki is no longer required, I will be removing that section.

I have also started to flesh out the rest of the sections leading up to the final goal of building and deploying the firmware.


We have a new open source hero.

Congrats taylorza :wink:

@ Gus, @ EriSan500 (Eric) - Thank you.