FEZ Hydra available in Germany/Europe

Just FYI I ordered my Hydra starter kit at Watterott / Germany. Shipping to France is 10€ with shipping discounts starting at 150+€

You can find it right here (ENG/GER): Watterott electronic / http://tinyurl.com/75lu6gn

All GHI items they carry (ENG/GER) : Watterott electronic / GHI Electronics - Watterott electronic

This is not an advertisement but rather a suggestion for Europeans to get GHI’s products without paying $30+ for shipping.

If you know any other German or European distributors carrying GHI products and especially the new Hydra kit feel free to post them here as well.

Update: Switched to tinyurl

We have many distributors in Europe. Check our distributors page.

The only other one with EUR as currency is http://www.antratek.com/FEZ.html carrying the Hydra.

Cool Components has it in GBP http://tinyurl.com/6sh5h8r and UAM in CZK http://tinyurl.com/7ym2u59

Living in Germany I ordered from Mouser just a few weeks ago. They carry all the precious sensors, had them in stock (that was the main reason choosing them) and delivered very fast. Also there was no hassle with customs, as they care about it and no shipping costs.

Thanks for the tip about Mouser. I’ll try them out for me next order.

I’m usually ordering from Sparkfun and Digi-Key but each time have to pay taxes on delivery + 10€ extra shipping for the cash handling. If Mouser does pay the taxes in advance that would save me at least those 10€… now I’ll have to compare shipping cost itself… Digi-Key is shipping for free (I always wait to have at least 70€ of stuff to order).

I also ordered my stuff from Mouser. It took 1,5 day from Texas to my doorstep, without paying extra taxes or shipping cost.

Only problem is that Mouser does not have all products listed on their website. The Seeed OLED for example. Next time I order Gadgeteer parts I’ll see if I can arrange something with mouser because I really want that OLED.

Or should I wait for the new modules to be announced, Gus? :wink: