FEZ Hydra - auto update

I want on FEZ hydra product to use only one usb connector who can deploy and communicate with CDC.
I don’t want to debug my fez hydra with usb but want to make an update latly in the product life.
The product as to be plugged to the usb of a PC on is life, to communicate some information.
But I would want to be able to upgrade the managed program on it, with the same connector. It’s really more easy for the customer, and more easy for me to mass deploying.
I know that the CDC+debugging is not supported at all, then I searched in another way.
Did you have some issue?

Is that true that I only can deploy my software on Hydra by USB? No other issue to update managed software?

Perhaps in using a multiplxer, who switch usb.
At startup, switch usb to debug port. If no upload awaiting on pc, the bootloader start the embeded software and then this software switch usb on ft232 for communication with pc?

You can load your software ot hydra over serial, you need usb serial module. I think you have another thread I just answered with same answer. If so, please keep the same topic in one thread so we can help you better.

I searched an issue to autoreprogrammation ans i see That the dataflash memory is accessible by spi. can i hope that it’s possible to write on it a new software
I think use the usb as a cdc. Then send hex file by cdc. When hex file is received ans stored in ram, i can write on dataflash???