Fez Hydra and ENC28 from ebay

Hi guys ! First of all, I’m sorry for the folowing English. I’m a frenchie guy from Quebec, Canada !

My Hydra kit is on the road and will be out for delivery tomorrow yeah !

I just have a question about the ethernet module. I bought a cheap one from ebay, this one :


Is it compatible with my Fez Hydra ?

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It should be compatible. Those modules are SPI. You’ll have to wire it up using an Extender or MakeBread module (my community offer found at http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=Community_Offers). In theory, the existing ENC28 module driver should work. Emphasis on “in theory”, that claim is not tested. You can find the pinout for SPI modules here (type S), GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

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i was gonna suggest maybe wiring the module to the exact same way the GHI ENC is wired by following the schematics here:

wouldn’t that be easier and most like would allow you to use the existing Driver as is? i have the module here but didn’t have time to try it out so if you do try it please let us now you finding…


Funny you should ask. Check out what I have.

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Sweet, it Looks great…

Btw how hard would it be to plug your module directly to the enc without using that cable but instead you would use male/female headers…?
This would definitely help bring the cost and time down…

@ godefroi - looks great! Congratulations with your first module!

Not hard at all. You cold solder the module directly onto the ENC28J60 board, or you could solder a female header onto the module and plug it in. I’ll be offering the boards here in a couple days, as soon as some shipping materials arrive.

This first batch of boards has the header turned backwards (it’s a recurring theme, as you’ll see soon), but it’s not TOO inconvenient.

I’ll keep an eye out i could use a few for sure…

@ buster - ask and you shall receive :slight_smile:

I really like those little modules. You should solder one directly on the ENC board and post a picture :slight_smile:

@ godefroi - Wow ! Nice job and thanks to share your works with us !

I have eleven of the boards, one is spoken for already, the rest will be up for grabs soon. If more than that are wanted, I’ll order some more made.

Here’s what it looks like soldered on.


Brilliant. Is it on the offers page? :slight_smile:

Not yet, because I don’t have shipping materials yet :slight_smile:

Couple days, and I’ll put this one and one other up.

Do the two left mounting holes line up?

No, unfortunately not. I could probably work out a lined-up version, but these eBay modules are not all exactly the same. This particular one is common, but there are other slightly different designs.

Don’t bother. I was just checking. You mentioned you flipped the header? Does that mean the two of the 5mm spaced holes on the module will be exposed for mounting? That’s what I’m shooting for - mounting these on the various 5mm grids plates many of us have.

Yep. They would be exposed, but also would be significantly elevated over a “normal” board height.

That’s exactly how I pictured it to be… :wink: thanks for making it happen…
Now how do I get mine ordered please… I need about three…