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Fez Hydra - 4.3 inch display


I am getting a Fez Hydra. I need a 4.3 inch touch screen to go along with that. Is it ok if i use any 4.3 inch display or is there anything specific for hydra?


We current;y only offer 3.5" display and 7" display coming in future.

There is 4.3" made by sytech but there has been reports of it not working properly so make sure you verify with the source before you buy it.


At the present time there is not a 4.3" LCD available from GHI which uses Gadgeteer cables. The LCD currently being being sold uses a ribbon cable which is compatible with the Cobra board.

The display could be used with a Gadgeteer board, but it would require about 20 wires.

While I don’t know any of GHI’s plans, I would think that larger LCD screens for the Gadgeteer would be available soon.

**** Gus beat me! I guess there is no 4.3" inch board in the future.


Can someone give me instructions as to how to connect the 4.3 cobra compatible display to work with hydra?


You have understand how display module is connected to Gadgeteer using R,G,B,T sockets. Take a look at the schematics of the existing 3.5 module and description of the R,G,B,T sockets. That will give you an idea what is expected from the display for it to work with the Gadgeteer.


Which 3.5 inch screen should i buy from GHi? Everything says that it is cobra compatible.


For Hydra this one: