Fez Hidra and USBClient

Can this code considered faithful to configure the client to the socket module.
using System;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.UsbClient;
using System.Collections;
using System.Threading;
using Microsoft.SPOT;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Controls;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Media;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Touch;
using Gadgeteer;

using Gadgeteer.Networking;
using GT = Gadgeteer;
using GTM = Gadgeteer.Modules;

namespace GadgeteerApp4
public partial class Program
// This method is run when the mainboard is powered up or reset.
void ProgramStarted()
Socket Soc = Socket.GetSocket(4, false, null, null);

        Configuration.UsbInterface config = new Configuration.UsbInterface((byte)Soc.SocketNumber, null);



Hi Capiton,

I am not sure exactly what you’re asking us to help with - can you tell us how you set up the Gadgeteer designer? Any errors that you want to understand?

I want so my device is defined as a client on the PC. How can this be done. If possible sample code.

One thing I would ask is, exactly what do you mean as a “client”? What is it that you are going to want to achieve?

From http://www.ghielectronics.com/offers/ you can see that “USB Client” is a part of netmf so therefore should be a part of Hydra’s firmware (but I haven’t confirmed or used it). http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=USB_Client is going to be the best reference for USB client. Then there are likely to be examples on the codeshare for some of the pieces you may need.

I want my device Fez Hydra could communicate with the PC. How can this be done. I want to connect your Tablet PC with the Hydra.

Again, you answer the question with a very small amount of information. Please, be more elaborate in your answer and you’ll get more help.

I have a Fez Hydra talking to a PC over bluetooth. Does that suit your application? read up on CDC and Serial communications here and you might get some inspiration.

You can do that using the USB to serial module.