FEZ HAT Motor Power connection

Hello, I’m assembling a rover and I want to try to use a RPI3 with Fez Hat to handle it.
When I look for the connection I see in the spec schema the Pin V+ noted with a notation of exiting voltage.
On the board (photo) that pin is noted as “Motor Power” and for what I understand could be the pin where place the external power supply for the motor.
Before to connect something in a wrong way I’m asking if someone other had successfully connected it to control some motor.


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hi Marco, welcome to the forum!

V+ on that header is intended to be the voltage input to the motor controller chip. It goes into the TB6612 pins VM1/2/3. You would need to look into the specs of the chip to confirm voltages, but looking at some other breakout boards that use this you can run up to 13.5V for that. (this is not from personal experience but in reading the schematic and schematics of other TB6612 boards)

Good to know, thanks.

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