Fez Hat act as Relay for Garage door switch?

My question: Does the Fez Hat have the ability to act as a relay for a higher voltage 5-15v like a garage door opener switch? I want to trigger it with code, of course. I just need to know the best way to wire to the door switch and trigger the doors.

Background: I’m new to the Fez Hat. I’m building a wireless 2-door garage door opener and monitor with it and a Rpi3. It will tell me door state(open/closed/moving) with some magnetic reed switches, light, temperature off the fez and such. I’m about done with the logic and communication. I just need to know the best way to wire to the switch and trigger the doors. Hopefully without having to buy a separate relay board.

Ideas? Thanks

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I suspect that you don’t want to directly connect any of the connections from the roller door controller to your Fez Hat. You will need a separate relay that you can control via a GPIO, which can then control the door.

What is your background in electronics? How comfortable are you doing this kind of electronics work?

Same as Brett, a relay is the safest way and most door openers have a contact closer input that can be used to open and close the door remotely. A relay isolates your Fez from any voltages on the door opener. Safest option.

For door open closed detection, just install magnetic switches in each position and feed into a GPIO input and then you will know which state the door is in.

Thank you for your help! About 25 years ago I earned an electronics degree in college, but I’ve forgotten it all. It’s coming back slowly. Resistor color codes are a lot hard to see than the once were! I’ve been on the software side since college. That said, I know my way around a multimeter, ohms law, soldering and such. I’ve got the magnetic reed switches in place and wired them into the Analog inputs. Actually, I’m just using a breadboard right now, as I’m still prototyping.

I’ll pick up the relay. I saw one from another project write up that I can use.


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Awesome Dave. I really think you’ll be fine once you get a relay (maybe you need two, one for each door?) to control the trigger for opening the door.

Perhaps you can also rethink the need to use Analog inputs. Reed switches are full digital so you can free up analog sensors for other purposes if you need.