FEZ hacker Troubles

Hi Guys

I have Developed the FEZ hacker board , and got stuck in a problem

i can flash the TinyBooterDecompressor.hex suessfully but when i was trying to deploy tinyclr nothing happens , help me out of this please . how did you managed to get working with fez hacker. here is the vid

Looks like it is booted with TinyBooter and you can ping from MFDeploy. You got the difficult part going.

Now, you need to load TinyCLR firmware file(s). Have you done so? That is not showing in the video.

I cant load the tinyCLR firm files. when i click deploy the MFDeploy clears the flash and stand still no progress in the deploy. i don know any issues with hardware.

If I remember right, deploying was slow on those Atmel chips but you can see the progress. Are you sure you have the correct files?

Hi ,

Finally I got the Hacker worked , I assembled a new one. but same as the previous one. and nothing i did extra. but it worked. i think the AT91SAM7x512 will be the victim , in configuration of some thing. later want to trouble shoot.

Note : i have not tested the complied firmware , i just flashed the netduino firmware in FEZ hacker. so it simply called as FEZDuino

Thanks guys for the fantastic work!! 8)

here is the youtube link

Good job on getting it to work. We look forward to see more

Top layer = VCC - it’s a bug or new feature in pcb design ?

Not a bug, give power more copper space

I started to manufacture 500 pcs on this board anybody interested to buy this board can email me skysys.mohan@ gmail.com ;D

ships world wide!!

That is good news. The important thing now is having a good price for it and also providing support for it as well.

[ol]Where does it ship from?
What is the price?
Are you going to make the one with Ethernet too?
How does a buyer get support? Maybe setup a forum for it? Maybe we can help by opening a board here for it but you still need to provide answer for those who buy it, not GHI.
Will you setup a little website to sell it? You can use paypal for easy payments.[/ol]

you can buy FEZHacker boards online on


You are keep posting this in multiple threads - not cool.

Hello All,

During uploading sample code in Fez Hacker Ethernet i’ve got following error :

“An unhandled exception of type ‘System.Exception’ occurred in Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.dll”

The thing is happening only when i add Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware references.
Hope someone could help me.


Where did you order you FEZ Hacker? You should contact the company you ordered it from.

I assembled it by myself - PCB and components were ordered in netmfdevices.com .

  1. Use MFDeploy to check capabilities of this clone and make sure that versions of firmware on the device and sdk on your PC match.
  2. Remove/readd all references in your project.

Also keep in mind that his board is made by 3rd party and most likely none of us have it.