FEZ Hacker on codeplex


What do we want to add? For starter:
Analog and PWM for sure then CAN and one-wire possibly later. This will be added from GHI without any help but then later GHI and the community can work on other features together.

Contributions are very much welcomed.

What about FEZ Open, is it dead ?

I would like to create the FEZ Hacker with Ethernet, so what about ethernet functionality?

Fezopen is not dead but there is limit to how much work we can do in a week :slight_smile: do you want to help and start fezopen?

No problem :slight_smile:

I think it’s better if GHI “starts” it (I mean creates the project on codeplex) but yes, I’m interested in contributing, I have a second Panda waiting :slight_smile:

It will come soon … stay tuned :slight_smile:

I guess there is no reason why we can’t upload what we have so far. It is incomplete and reflect where the book is at so read an understand the book before digging code please