FEZ got an upgrade, before it was even released!

As you know, you have been working hard on bringing you the rule-them-all FEZ board. By “them” we mean every maker board under the sun, from the older FEZ boards to Arduino, mbed and everything else. We have not made any official announcement on it yet because you are in for a big surprise; however, today we are sharing some details on the WiFi found on FEZ.

Originally, the board was designed with ST’s SPWF01 secure WiFi module. We have done a lot of testing, from a simple connections to secure Azure IoT hub. But then when SPWF04 came out, which added a lot more resources and SPI support, we couldn’t resist and upgraded the FEZ with the latest and greatest.

Have an IoT application in mind and need a “Fast and Easy” way to prototype it? FEZ is Fast and Easy and rule-them-all maker board… stay tuned.


Oh no… my FEZ is already outdated …

How do I get a factory refresh ?


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hahaha early adopters problem !! :wink:


For Gus..... ;)
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We are eagerly awaiting for this product to hit the shelves.

Found these leaked photos.


Can’ Wait to get back to the platform and finally starts playing with Fez and Azure :+1:


nobody likes a leaker Kirk!

I’m sure it’s all part of the “copy Apple” plan :wink: I bet it was “left” at a local pub…


:grin: I was so overwhelmed with the anticipation that these just mysteriously showed up. Plus this leak keeps our hopes up from having fake dreams.


I’m still not sure how @Brett keeps getting around my antiBrett firewall, he is a tricky one!

I thought I read on the site that it was already on its way to distributors… Any idea when it will be available? Even a “target” date will help. I need to decide whether it will not be available in time to meet our needs.

It was on its way but these guys here keep making it better… And keep lowering the cost!!! Crazy, but for the community :slight_smile:


Right on!! Hey what, I’m an ingineerr!!!