FEZ Flea and ENC28J60

Hi, can FEZ Flea be used with ENC28J60 for ethernet? If yes, are there any resources for how? If not, what are the requirements for using ENC28J60, i.e. which SBCs can be used?

There was a NETMF C# driver long time ago that implemented network stack and also ENC28 drivers. I do not know where to find it.

We have drivers for another chipset W5500

If you want the full experience with real network and real security you need a board with SC20 chipset instead of SC13.

yep, mIP - 100% C# Managed TCP/IP Stack for the .NET Micro Framework mip.codeplex.com seems to be gone years ago with the dead of codeplex

not sure if Valkyrie_MT, the inventor, is still hanging in this forum or may be one of the older forum members still have the source code laying arround

long time ago

Yeah, that was a fun project. mIP. I know I have that code here somewhere. Bummer that Microsoft didn’t just moved it all to github.

This was a community project, not Microsoft’s.

i think he did not meant CodePlex itself, anyhow, it was the users responsibility to move code to other source repos like for example Github :shushing_face:

I downloaded and extracted already mIP from i think it was archive.org or so. Valkyrie, glad to have you here and answering - i can make available to you what I extracted if you want.

That’s ok, I do have the last version. Thanks. As I recall, the ENC28J60 packet parsing worked very well. And so did the basic protocols. In fact, the web server running on top of the stack was probably the most reliable part of the whole system. The only reason I wrote it was because local name resolution was not implemented in the integrated stack and I didn’t know C++ well enough to add that. The local name resolution worked great, but only for iOS, MacOS, and Windows. Android/Google does not want local name resolution to work because they want you to use the cloud/internet for everything. So in the end I could not do what I wanted, which was local name resolution that worked on any device.

i stored here some things from CodePlex i founded

who need them

and MIP is there too