FEZ Duino TinyCLR v2.1.0 Prev 4: RtcController.GetDefault() throws exception

Unexpectedly on the FEZ Duino the command

var rtc = GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Devices.Rtc.RtcController.GetDefault();

throws exception

On the FEZ Feather and the 20260 Dev Board it works as expected.

Is this a common issue on the FEZ Duino or eventually a faulty board?

Just tried on FEZ Duino and no exception.

FEZ Feather and Duino have same chip so if Feather work then Duino work.

Something with hardware on specific board, I think.

Thanks, that’s what I feared. Bad luck :slightly_frowning_face:

Is GHI testing the boards for working RTC before they go out for sale?

can you try catch and do again?

I mean try catch and getdefault again.

try {
catch {

If I do

RtcController rtc = null;
     rtc = RtcController.GetDefault();
catch (Exception ex)
            rtc = RtcController.GetDefault();    

it throws in the statement in the catch block as well

I will check but can you visually inspect or give us a closeup photo of the crystal area?

Hi @Gus_Issa,
thanks for your interest, I visually inspected the board, nothing obvious. Fortunately RTC is not essential for my application, so I can live with the board as it is. If it is not alraedy done, perhaps RTC should be tested separately.