FEZ Duino - Pin Exception - WiFi CS PD15

Trying to open PIN PD15 (WiFI CS) results into an exception:


I have updated everything to (Developer Studio/firmware on device, libraries…).

Thank you for any assistance.

Did it work before?

Do you use PD15 somewhere else? This pin is also RTS of UART8, do you use UART8 with HS?

Try a simple project and open only PD15 to see what happened

Thank you for the quick reply. Good news: The simple project is working.

As C# beginner I have now learned that an unused but linked class with a static member
has been the problem:

I have changed there the 15 to 14 as work-a-round, but I will disable/remove the class till
I am ready with my basics doing in the main.

Thank you!!

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