FEZ Duino first trial thread!

Anyone cares for this and why?

Is xbee still in use today?

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NFC if you every need one…

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We no longer use it in high school. Wifi replaced it.

which I still have ! With my Domino :slight_smile:


I dare you to dust off and use with the new boards. … Wait I have to send you the new boards first!

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Any change of hooking up a FEZ touch :slight_smile:

May be that display is outdated now ?

Wish there was a G mainboard :).

The visual designer may not be available, but will be great to plug in G modules for quick tests :slight_smile:

VGA Module may be !

You still have one of those? Lol. SPI displays are easily available these days. Is there a real benefit in supporting old displays?

There are too many options that are lower cost or have more options. I think we have to put gadgeteer to rest. But this would be a great community board. I think the community should make one.

It can be just a shield.


What a great idea. You are right

This zumo robot was one of my favorite but looks like it got discontinued. Anyway, it doesn’t fit well and if you need robotics then FEZ Bit is what you need!

Too bad. This is the one I have :frowning:

This is one you should have!! Use this spectrum shield with a strip of addressable LEDs for some fun project for home and for the office!! Code will come later… But here is a video. Now imagine this for an entire wall. It will only cost couple hundred bucks!




Are those LEDs inside your fireplace?!!! LOVE IT.

But this only counts of you show is SITCore running it :wink:


Pololu is still selling the Zumo Robot for Arduino. They show as active: https://www.pololu.com/category/169/zumo-robot-for-arduino


Oh! Maybe I looked at an old link of a previous version.

Party at Dat’s house!!

You got enough beer for all of us? You still have time to get to the store!! :grinning:


If the team come once in Belgium this is one you need to taste. not exported due to limited edition