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Fez domino with rs232 Arduino


I made a small board with a max3232 (3,3V) to exchange data between the Fez and an external device that works fine; now I bought a rs2323 arduino shield (, and nothing works ; anybody knows if there is any incompatibility betwwen these 2 devices?
Thanks for the help


First, you should verify that the serial board is working properly. To do this, put a jumper between RX and TX of the serial board output, and write a program to write and then read the serial port. If this works, then the board is ok.

If the board is ok, then you might have a DTE/DCE issue. You might have TX->TX and RX->RX wiring now.


Thanks for the help,
Unfortunatly it does not work; I think I have a damage shield.

thanks for he help


Hi general… I’ve been looking at the USBizi pdf manual lately for another topic… The manual states; (the DOMINO uses the USBizi Chipset LQFP 144 “LPC2388FBD144” ) in the UART section pg 28, that ONLY COM2 UART1 is Hardware Handshaking supported… meaning that the shield might be using a UART feature that is not supported in your set up… thats my guess ??? … I hope this helps you.


Thanks for the tip; the problem was the rs232 board.


I’m not sure that this Shield is the same as this one, from cutedigi

I looked at the schematic:

It looks like they used 5V power!
Check your shield if it use 3v3 or 5V.

The problem might be here!


In fact it is a 5V shield; but as you can see in ‘’, it is attached to a Fez Domino; I beleive the inputs and outputs of the Fez are 5V tolerant.
In fact if you look to the Fez documentation the UART is TTL level compatible

I found that the problem was the shiled it self.

Thanks anyway


if you enlarge this

you can see it is the same board as


Yes is the same, but the thinga are running now thanks