FEZ Domino Wireless Mouse Demo

Not enough code to justify posting this to Projects forum, but I thought controlling pan/tilt webcam using wireless mouse was pretty cool. I wish the Domino is cheaper so more people could afford it.


nicely done! Thanks for sharing! ;D

Wow! That’s nice… good work. :slight_smile:
Hmmm… I couldn’t really get OutputCompare working like I wanted the 1st time, so I finally used PWM instead. I think I’ll give OutputCompare another try.

Is this what you need? :wink:
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The video + code is worth 500 experience points but I can’t add them if you do not make a wiki page for it :slight_smile:

[quote]Is this what you need?
(link removed)

Yeah, this example looks more intuitive. I’m gotta test it on my servo. Thanks Gus!

OOH!! you are stern Gus you little monkey

I thought that was a brilliant first effort…

Cheers Ian

I think so to, he has done a great job. But Ian, Gus always only adds points if you create a project page for your project. That’s standard. I believe it’s some sort of “see what you can do” with their products :smiley:

You create the best projects ever and not post it on wiki then your project will be lost in 2 weeks. Look at how many posts we get everyday. You add your project on wiki, you will have it there for a VERY long time. That is the point.

I said it is worth 500 points :wink: after it is added to wiki

In case someone is not sure, we give experience points for helping the community, not for personal achievements.

Gus, that’s fair. I will post to wiki tonight.

Foekie & IanR,
Thanks for your support. :slight_smile:

Here’s the project wiki entry.
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Thanks for the points and the Domino.

another 500 points. Very nice video