FEZ Domino WiFi Bridge Power Supply


I have a FEZ Domino and the Vonets Wifi Bridge (http://www.vonets.com/ProductViews.asp?D_ID=14).

Since I want to power the board through a rechargeable battery (charged by a photovoltaic panel), I want to reduce the power consumption to a minimum.

At the moment I’ve connected the wiFi brige to the USB port for its power supply and send the board into hibernate when there is nothing to do.

My problem is that the wifi still consumes a lot of power even if the board is in hibernate.

Here my question:
Is there a possibility to turn of the power supply for the USB port while in hibernate?


The USB post power is not controllable.

So the answer is, if you don’t have electronics expertise, then you don’t have a way to power down the WiFi. If you have electronics expertise you could look to create a breakout board for the four USB lines and use a transistor or FET to power-down the USB power by breaking the V+ line driven by an IO line from the Domino.

Thanks for the answers!

I don’t have much experience with electronics, but I have a great stepfather who is willing to hell me out and will build me a breakout board with a FET I can trigger.