FEZ Domino & Watchdog

Is the watchdog in the FEZ Domino a real hardware watchdog and makes a hardware reset?
I initialize the watchdog with:

and it works. But sometimes it happens that the device goes to nirvana and no watchdog makes a reset.

@ User_8034 - I believe it is a hardware watchdog. Can you be sure that when your board dies it hasn’t entirely locked up? Blinking an LED in a separate thread should tell you.

Hello John,
meanwhile I think the watchdog works but it seams not to be a real reset. I have removed the “Watchdog.ResetCounter();” so that the watchdog reacts but the system didn’t start again.
It is difficult to see what happens because the USB-connection to the PC is closed after the event. So the Debug infos can’t be displayed in Visual Studio or MFDeploy. If I connect again the program startes from the begin.
Is there an other tool where I can reconnect without a new program start?

@ User_8034 - You could try writing out to a serial port and reading it on the computer.

or logging status to SD card.