Fez domino using the dfrobot digital vibration senor

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone has used the following sensor with the fez domino and how it needs to be wired and used?


I was hoping to be able to create it as a digital input pin and read the value, but I don’t think i have it connected correctly. I was hoping to directly check its value as and when i want, rather than use an event.

Any help on this would be great.


t should work but you need to swap couple wires as dfrobot pinout is slightly different than what we have here.

Hi Gus

Would you be able to confirm this wiring difference please?
I am not expereinced in the hardware side.

Also, what would i use to create the reference?
Would declaring an input port be the correct one to use and what would i use as the resistormode and interruptmode?

I also have the Fez Connect shield, but have run out of the white digital sockets.
Am I able to use either of the two ones for the servo?

Many Thanks


Yes use the servo ones. Look at schematics to see where the pins are http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/FEZ/Shield/FEZ_Connect_sch.pdf

Hi Gus

I was wondering what the code to use for this.
Can i just use an inputport?
On the sensor the connections are

  1. Input
  2. 5V
  3. GND

On the Connect Shield

I take it that gnd = gnd, 5v to 5v and input to sig?



input=sig correct.

Hi Gus

I dont seem to be able to determine if it is picking up vibrations of not.


If you plugged a normal JST cable between the sensor and the connect shield, then you put -5V on the output of the sensor. Hopefully, that did not destroy the sensor. :frowning:

Hi Mike

No I checked how the connector is wired and used an adjusted jst cable where they are correctly laid out



Would this be used as simply as creating an inputport and go from there?
Or is it a little more complicated than that?


If you look at the website [url]http://www.dfrobot.com/wiki/index.php?title=DFRobot_Digital_Vibration_Sensor_(SKU:DFR0027)[/url] you can see that the example they use uses interrupts on arduino pin 3. When the sensor senses vibration it triggers this - in their case they detect the falling edge. So really there’s not much more to this than an input port - simplistically to prove you sense things you could poll the value and when you see it change flash a LED or something.