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Fez Domino USBC_CDC



I am trying to use the USBC_CDC but when I compile the program it tries to install the drivers for CDC VCOM but does not find them but I did have them on the computer.
Also, when plugging in the board it afterwards it shows as the device is unplugged.




Hi Mark,

It seems your code puts you in CDC mode, so that’s good. The bad side is your driver failure. That’s what you need to sort out.

The device will stay in CDC mode until you erase your code from the device, or until you can get the driver installed. So right now, you’ll need to but into bootloader mode and erase with Tera Term (perhaps that will require you to reload firmware too) so you can get back normal access to the board. Then you still need to sort out the drivers !

Tell us (or show us) exactly what device manager sees so we can be sure what you’re up against. And also tell us about what you did when you were asked for the driver, did you locate it on your PC?