FEZ Domino Serial Debug

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I want to change the Fez Domino Board to use the Serial Shield for debugging. I have read that I need to do something with the Mode Jumpers to tell the board to use Serial Port for Debugging instead of the USB Client port as I want to use this as a composite usb for mouse/keyboard commands to the PC. Please could some one guide me as to what I need to do from a hardware point of view with the board. (I have tried Virtual Com with Debugging but cant get that to work with Mouse/Keyboard clients as well so need to switch the Debug mode to Serial.)

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


The jumper place is in the middle of the board. From there you can follow the USB client section in the book

Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry probably a dum question but I’m a coder so not very clued up about the hardware. What do i need to do with the jumper? cant really find any info on this anywere. Do I need to solder a wire or something?

Forgot to mention that there are no pins on the board at the mode position just 2 holes where I’m guessing the Jumper Pins should be?

Sorry I need to be more clear. Yes you need to solder a jumper or a wire

Cool will give that a try. Many thanks…

For what its worth. Here is another way to add a serial port using ft232 board and just keep your primary port for debug. Mostly did as a reference to myself when I need it later and forget everything. I think I will use this way for now, because I can keep my debug on the std mini-B for all Fezs without having to think about it or change things between projects. And then just use a ft232 when I want a dedicated serial channel.


To which com port I should connect to use serial debug? I can’t find any info on the Internet.

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What device do you have?

Sorry, as in topic, FEZ Domino

Take a note of the available COM ports in device manager before plugging the board to your PC. Then, after plugging the board, you should be able to see new COM port in the device manager. Use that new COM port number for debugging.

It’'s not what I talking about. I want to use domino as usb client, and I need program and debug it via serial port. I want to know which pins on domino I should use to do that.

Oh, ok.

It is COM1 pins. Check this document. There is a section about serial debugging, that applies for Domino as well.

Thank You :slight_smile: