FEZ domino replacement

I used to do a lot of thing with the domino, it was the perfect board for small developments that I sold, but, now, is gone. FEZ Panda II doesnt offer the USB Host along USB debbuging, so, if someone ask me to do something in NETMF, I will be very carefull about not killing it. (develop on Domino :smiley: and deploy on panda :’( ).

I wonder, there will be decent replacement car, Is the Cerbuino the good one, if its true, why GHI dropped such a amazing feature like the USB Host and is waiting that someone contribute, I know that is open hardware, open source, but why someone put a USB A female connector on it, if by this time is useless.

GHI, is someone bad that the customers did? if not, then why are you swapping to these boards that lack the features that we use to rely on?

FEZ Domino is still available if you need volume http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/133
The USBizi144 chip used on Domino is available and in stock if you want to print your own domino or make something similar http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/116

Also, Panda II has everything Domino has. if you need to debug and use USB host simultaneously then you can simply debug over serial, which you can use a USB<->serial cable then you will be debugging over serial just like on domino.

I think there are plenty of options out there for users but this doesn’t mean we are done and there won’t be another FEZ that will interest you even more :slight_smile:

How’s that possible? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

@ EriSan500 (Eric) - lol

Thanks for you quick response, but unfortunately, my developments are very specific, and hardly went over 10 units, i guess that I will keep my domino for development.

Will Panda II remain active? I hope so,

When I saw the Hydra, Cerberus and Cerbuino, I thought that high end board will become more accessible, but my only “complain” is the lack of USB Host and uSD support.

I hope that there will be a replacement soon.

Cerbuino Bee supports microSD and USB Host both, though I’m not 100% certain of the status of the firmware/drivers for those features. Just checked the Cerberus page, and it looks like those features are still in development (USB Host says “awaiting community contribution” and SD is under development by GHI).

So the support will be there, eventually. :slight_smile:

Cerbuino’s a pretty nice board…especially if you’re used to the arduino form factor, but also want to dip your toes in the Gadgeteer waters.

In deed, I do prefer the arduino form factor, altough I can use the gadgeeter boards too, and I must say that the addition of the XBee socket is great, and at the first glance it looks like a Domino with steroids, I cannot take out of my mind that somewhere in the future there will be there, but not now :(,

@ Gus I can see that fez connect shield is on sale, is also on the way to be obsolete?

Which product will remain active? if you say “Spyder”, trust me, I will get me a spyder to play around with it :smiley:

Gadgeteer is the future for GHI and hopefully everyone else. Modules are much better than shields.

With that said, i guess that I will get a Spyder ASAP. no more shields for me :smiley: