Fez Domino, Read data FROM mysql table 0 or 1 then blink the LED

hi. im new to Fez Domino, I get new one recently. But there is a problem . I have connected LEDS to the FEZ DOMONI, i want to control the leds according to the data read from the database. How can i do that. Watingd for yuor answers. Thanks…

Do you have fez connect shilled? You need it to connect to network.

What Gus means is that there’s no direct way to interface LEDs with a database on a Domino, without using a networking medium.

What database do you have, and what connection methods can you use to connect to it? For instance can you expose a web service that allows you to return the value you would want to display ?

If you have Fez Connect shield (you can use any WIZ5100 shield/connector if you are OK to wire it up yourself) then you can connect it to the network, and have it read the values from teh web service and light up the relevant LEDs.

Thanks for your answers. I understand my problem.