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FEZ Domino Pins


I’m planning to buy a fez domino, and i noticed that usbizi has a lot of pins, but fez domino uses only some of them.

I want to know if it’s possible to interface those pins in .net micro framework.

If yes, can i also use the Ethernet Media Access Controller pins?


Do you mean that you are going to place the USBizi chip that is used on Domino to make your own board and expose all pins? How are you going to get to all pins on Domino?

If you need more pins then you can use FEZ Rhino or FEZ Panda. See this please

I ma not exactly sure what you are asking :frowning:


OK. I’m an idiot, i should have searched before asking, but thanks.
I’m going to buy a fez rhino because i want usb host.

One more thing, the price difference between usbizi-100 and usbizi-144 is $2.
But the difference between fez panda and fez domino is $40. Why?


Domino has USB host and SD card, and also RTC (Real Time Clock).
Panda does not have that. Panda therefor has more pins and a development board.


The domino/rhino also has more supporting things on the board design. Like a part that handles reset better. Things like that did not make it on the economic panda. Thats also ignoring usb host and the sd card and so on.