FEZ Domino PDF Brochure Errors

Below the FEZ picture you have this text “*An4 and An5 are open drain pins with 2.2K pull up resistors”

#1. You forgot to mark An4 and An5 with an asterisk?
#2. On the right of the picture you have an asterisk on Di2* and Di3* - are they also I2C?

By checking the schematic.

The text needs to be changed to “Di2* and Di3* are open drain pins with 2.2K pull up resistors
for I2C”

Also indicate all I2c pins and serial comports pins eg. Comm 1, Comm 2, and Comm 4 Tx (Out), Rx(In) pins for easy user reference.

Not to be critical, but have someone proofread your FEZ/Mini/Domino Beginners E-Book. There are too many grammar and spelling errors. Please activate your spelling checker on this document because it is the reflection of your company.


The document is fixed already on the website but SDK still has the old one with error

we are aware the book has many errors and it is incomplete. Think of it as a draft to help you use FEZ. It will be fixed but now it is low priority

Still thanks for the concerns and we will work on the book ASAP