Fez Domino Audio


Since the Usbzi is a 75mhz processor, would it be possible to use the Analog pins to do analog to digital conversion of audio for the purpose of creating a beat detector?

The FEZ actually has a 72Mhz processor.

Oh sorry my bad.

Yea would I be able to write a function that can process the input audio and then do the moving average calculations to create a digital low pass filter so that I can do beat detection.

Filters aren’t such a hot idea for the FEZ’s because they do not run a real time operating system and may not be able to run very fast due to the managed language. That kind of thing is better suited to the Cobra/EMX where you can use RLP to run native code.

Yep, I’m extremely sure that the EMX and Chipworks modules can handle it however, I’m looking at the small penny sized Usbizi as part of a 2 chip solution to beat detection for appral use.

Yeah, I don’t think NETMF is really suited for running filters and other time sensitive things. I wonder if there is a dedicated chip out there beat detection…

Oh hey if you find one (as I’ve been searching) please, please let us know :slight_smile:

You will need FEZ Cobra and RLP to handle audio/video

So that’s a no on the Fez Domino then. Darn.

In your opinion gus, how small could the EMX be if it was mounted on both sides on the circuit board. All I need is 1 analog input, 2 digital outputs, power and the ability to connect to usb for software loading. I’m trying to see if it can be hung around one’s neck.

Shrinking things is not a problem when you have commercial needs. I mean if you can make it work and want it smaller then contact GHI and they will do it for you. Size shouldn’t be an issue if you are prototyping.

Right then, time to buy a Fez Cobra.

Thanks Gus

Is RLP now supported with the Cobra, Gus?

To select customers, yes

Can you say when it will be out for everyone?

Yes, I would like to know this too.

It won’t! RLP weakens the security model on EMX and so it is only available to customers that we can trust and who have signed some agreements with us. I think this is explained better in latest manual shipping with new coming 4.1 SDK

Right then, you’ve managed to dash my hope and dreams :frowning:

So RLP isn’t avaliable to experimenters? I understand if this is a restriction for commercial production however if you’re experimenting then sometimes the things you try may break the security model.

Weren’t you guys looking at releasing it generally though? I thought that you had figured out a way to maintain the security model while allowing RLP…

Only if you were able to convince us with what you are doing.
RLP is not a toy for beginners, I am NOT saying you are :slight_smile: . If someone is getting into RLP then he/she is a professional programmer and have a good reason on why RLP should be used. We may just tell you how to do what you want to do without RLP…or tell you that RLP will not be a good option.

We still have ChipworkX which has RLP open for everyone, no agreements nothing :slight_smile:

It is not worth the risk! It is available but reasons like explained earlier.