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FEZ Domino and Database


Is there any way to use database(like sqllite), stored on SD with FEZ Domino? I need to store something like 100 different settings and to have access for reading/changing. Or the only way is XML file?
Thanks a lot.


There is dqlite database support on chipworkx.
On domino, you will have to make your own little format or use XML


Ok, thanks. And is there dataset support for domino - to convert xml to dataset?


Like I said, database support is only available on chipworkx. It is the only netmf device in the world with database support


To keep things simple, I might just store settings in a single csv or just multiple files.


Thanks for reply!


CVS is a good option but depending on what exactly your application needs, you can come up with a good plan on how to organize your data


After thinking about this, I figured it would be a good to have an Application Settings helper like in big .Net to persist settings without a bunch of fus. hth


I found it was pretty easy to use an XML file to keep track of things. With a relatively limited number of items , 100 you mentioned, there is no need to use a DB anyhow.


Another question - is any way to update specific node element value in xml, or to add element, without rewriting the whole xml file?